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Ethan Hawk.

Ethan stood on the edge, waiting, there was no turning back. The Interstellar Gateway Police was on its way to prevent him from surfing the event horizon of the largest black hole ever attempted in the history of the black hole surfers. His mind was racing with memories of friends who attempted to surf much smaller quantum singularities. Friends that vanished from existence, frozen in time forever somewhere deep inside the vortex. Maybe they made it to the other side and are alive and well in some other dimension or reality. Only the navigators were known to survive dimensional jumps. But today was not the day he would test his instinct. He was determined to make this surf. No one has ever come close to his record. 2000 paid surfs. 50 of those brought in payoff beyond his expectations. Small star systems could have been bought with them. But those were not Hawks intentions. His plan was to build a better anti graviton surfboard, one that would enable him to surf the largest black holes in the universe. Those in centers of galaxies of the known cosmos.

The IGP was closing in. The tractor beam would not work here. Or at least not with Hawks energy field. The frequency changes were completely random and not predictable by any algorithm known to man, except to Hawk. It was the genius of his brother that made all this possible. The IGP knew that their chance of stopping Hawk was almost nonexistent, but they have pursued him anyway, lead by a notorious micro space authority Karl Denfro, who was known through out this sector as the most stubborn law enforcer off all time. The pursuing fleet was planning to extend their tractor beams in Hawks path. Disrupting his decent in the black hole would cause him to stray away from carefully plotted course. This kind of failure would plunge Ethan in the center of black hole rendering his remains irretrievable.

Ethan was not concerned about the IGP, because the last jump has already provided data that revealed their intentions. They should know better, thought Hawk to him self. Every jump provides the vision of the future; data recorded in these surfs extends exponentially with the mass of the singularity. The larger the mass, the larger gravity effect on its surroundings. This jump should provide information beyond the reaches of the local galaxy cluster. Maybe, I’ll see her again, thought Hawk. Not really sure how it was possible or how it came to be, but the last time he surfed a black hole close to the mass of this one, he was opposed by a white hole surfer. The entire experience lasted only a fraction of a second, but to Hawk it seemed like eternity. It seemed like she materialized out of the darkness of the black hole engulfed in a blinding contrast of her gateway closing behind her. Their eyes met and exchanged a lifetimes worth of emotions, wondering, who, why, how? She then disappeared the way she came in. Forever. Beautiful to Hawk in many aspects. Who was she? An inter dimensional opposite of himself? Or a figment of his imagination? He knew that the odds of seeing her again were about as small as the Planks constant, the smallest space possible between two bodies in the realm of quantum physics.

His mind full of hopes, Hawk began the decent. Data recorders set to maximum range, he initialized the anti-graviton field to reach maximum strength just as he reaches the 3rd full orbit. He could not afford a failure at this point. Should the engines fail, the gravity pull would reduce him to nothing more than a size of an electron in an instant, letting him feel every moment of it as time slows down with the crushing experience. The space debris headed for the consumption by the black hole would present another problem. He just had to be faster then them, like canoe in a fast stream he would ride them out before they could ever make and impact on his craft. Surf boards were the only way to maintain leverage on the event horizon, a simple delivery of anti-graviton field generator to the point of no return would allow the surfer to orbit at the precise distance needed for the data recorders to gather data about the future, present and past of the region. Since it was the equator where most of the space matter would enter it was best to ride the 45th degrees above the equator and then spiral directly to the north where the radiation jets were ejecting particle matter into both directions extending thousands of light years. That was the usual route of escape from the gravity well. The warp fields made the trip possible beyond the capability of any star ship. His instinct would guide his surfboard along the edges of the event horizon, with the black hole somewhere deep in the center of the space invisible to the human eye. The deeper he goes the less would he see of the surrounding star fields, making the navigation that much more difficult. He started to see the effects of time distortions. The first three vessels of the pursuing fleet were being pulled in by the gravity well. Karl was about to pay for his stubbornness. The rest of the ships were attempting to change course and to disengage their tracking beams. Some would follow Karl's fate. The rest survived this ordeal only to tell one of the most amazing surf stories off all time. Hawk was getting uncomfortable as the gravity began to effect him. He increased the output of the anti-graviton field around him and his breathing got easier. The only visible light was now reduced to a single beam directly overhead. He reached the event horizon; if this single beam would disappear he would never return from this trip. He checked the recorders. They were filling with data at a steady pace. Good. The payoff would be enormous. He squatted into cruising position. There were no waves to master. Just the flat wake of space and time itself. The field grew stronger with every micron of space closer the center of the singularity. Hawk then realized that the light above was almost nonexistent, merely a white pixel on a computer screen. His heart started to beat faster as time slowed down. Hawk had hoped to see the stranger again. Instead the light above was starting to dance. He reached the North Pole. Once again, the programming was accurate. From this point on he would not have to worry. The machine took over. The light was now a field full of stars spreading in a full circle around him. In a few moments the view of the universe would engulf him again in a 360-degree circle. He engaged the homing beacon to his star ship. He turned around and flew backwards admiring the circle of nothingness distancing himself from it mentally and physically. The adrenalin in his blood kept reminding him of his achievement, but the afterglow would be taken over by disappointment. Are you out there, my eluding stranger? He looked over at the data recorders. Maybe the answers are hidden within. Nothing was revealed by reviewing the recording from the previous surf. Only a deep religious experience on planets in close by systems. Visions and miracles were reported. Some planets claimed to have seen unidentified disk shaped objects flying in the sky. One photo imaging system captured a figure in the center of this object. Hawk filled in the blanks. He thought of Karl as well. His fate was recorded as well. But not entirely ........

At the other side of universe, a badly damaged ship emerged from a white hole. Penetrating it’s hull was a bright graviton surf board. Defeated by Hawk and mentally deranged by the effects of time Karl had a trophy in his position. A women who claimed him to be from another dimension, another universe. She was a white hole surfer, merely performing her duties, but Karl understood only one thing. The law would be upheld. A criminal would be brought to justice. No one brakes the law! All he needs to do is to get in touch with the nearest authorities, but the subspace broadcast offered only silence. The ship was approaching a large cluster of asteroid fields. The strange thing was that it looked like each rock had a life to itself. What in God's name?

It was widely accepted that the universe is expanding forever. All matter was spreading at a faster rate, faster then the black holes could swallow them, dissolving space and time it self. It was harder to mine energy from quantum singularities and so the spacial wars were bringing in weapons of destruction far beyond its predecessors levels. The Pilgrims were outlawed and hunted down by any means necessary. Their navigating skills were desired by galactic empires that spanned through out the known universe. Some of them choose a different path, and disappeared forever into voids of interstellar clouds, where they have transferred their minds into particle fields of unborn stars. New born stars were a rarity, black holes consuming the most matter, unrecyclled, gone from this space and time. And so these clouds lived in harmony with each other until the war started to disrupt their peace. The have established a mental link with the pilgrims in the present and past guiding them through black hole so precisely that their space would not be harmed. Changing ultimately the course of history.
The Blackholesurfer. My surfboard has teeth.

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